Interdisciplinary Radiation Therapy Treatment

The clinic for radiation therapy and radiological oncology

The autonomous clinic for radiation therapy and radiological oncology at Marien Hospital Düsseldorf specialises in the interdisciplinary radiation therapy treatment of malignant diseases. For about 50 per cent of patients with malignancies, radiation therapy is necessary. The aim of radiation treatment is to kill cancer cells while optimally sparing the surrounding tissues and organs. Controlling tumours in the area of the initial disease with no side effects or only minor ones is the foundation for a long-term cancer cure and a good quality of life.

The determination of the time for treatment (pre or post surgery) and its combination with other forms of therapy (e.g. chemotherapy) requires precise coordination between the physicians involved. Collaboration among the specialists is organised through regularly scheduled tumour conferences in the framework of the Oncology Centre. In this way, we ensure that patients benefit from the specialised knowledge of all of the clinics at Marien Hospital.

Another special focus is radiation therapy for benign conditions, such as arthritis, tennis elbow, and painful heel spurs.