Dear patient,

Your eyes are your most important sense organ – they represent quality of life and independence. Preserving and improving your vision is our mission at the Ophthalmology Clinic in Marien Hospital Düsseldorf.

You as an individual are at the heart of our activities. As an academic teaching hospital of the HHU Düsseldorf, we offer you the full range of ophthalmology services, both outpatient and inpatient. We provide you with personalised consultations when planning for surgery, such as cataract surgery with a wide choice of different intraocular lenses, and glaucoma and corneal surgery, lid and lachrymal duct repairs, and for the treatment of macular degeneration and correcting strabismus.

All operations are performed under certified surgical conditions (TÜV ISO 9001:2008) and, as necessary, can take place under general anaesthesia. You should know that we maintain the highest medical, therapeutic, and nursing standards. We guarantee these standards through regular advanced and continuing education programmes and verify them through continuous quality assurance.

We work in close cooperation with our specialist colleagues in anaesthesia, neurology, internal medicine, diabetology, radiology, nephrology, and other departments in the Düsseldorf Catholic Hospital Consortium (VKKD).

This is how we can achieve our ultimate goal: to provide you with optimal medical care and satisfaction and to earn your esteem. 
It would be our pleasure to welcome you to our department.

PD Dr. med. Babac Mazinani
Chief Physician